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Bauxite, the ore from which alumina is extracted, is the basic feedstock to the aluminium industry. Mineable deposits occur largely in tropical regions where particular geological and climatic conditions have combined to create a favourable environment for enrichment of various hydrated aluminium oxides. Bauxite deposits are abundant around the world, but physical, chemical and economic factors determine the viability of mining a specific bauxite deposit.

Due to the variable mineralogical, physical and chemical nature of bauxite, as well as the presence of minerals deleterious to the Bayer Process, the evaluation of commercial deposits requires comprehensive analysis and test work. This demands a multi-disciplinary approach wherein geologists, mining engineers and alumina process specialists work in close collaboration.  

Aluminpro's geologists and mining engineers have extensive experience with the geology, exploration, development and operation many bauxite deposits and mines around the world. Our consultants have been responsible for the operation of some of the largest bauxite mines in the world.  

Most of our geologists and mining managers have also been representatives on the various Technical Committees monitoring the operations of the major bauxite export mines. They have accumulated a broad and in-depth knowledge in many different bauxite mining operations and projects.

They bring expertise in resource and reserve evaluation, and are well able to evaluate if an operation or project  will be technically and financially feasible. They are familiar with the requirements and expectations of financial institutions and regulatory agencies.

Our consultants have performed audits and assessments on many of the principal bauxite deposits worldwide, including those in operation as well as those still awaiting development.  This provides them with a privileged knowledge of the geology and characteristics of many significant bauxite deposits.

Aluminpro's geologists and mining engineers typically work as part of a multi-disciplinary team in carrying out project analysis. They work closely with alumina process experts to ensure that a project will have the appropriate bauxite quality and tonnages for a sustained and efficient alumina plant operation.


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