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Aluminpro Aluminium Industry Professionals Inc. was formed in April 2000 to bring together senior professionals with considerable knowledge and international experience in the upstream aluminium industry. This upstream segment is a global business comprising bauxite mining, alumina refining, aluminium smelting and power generation. In a short time, Aluminpro has gathered 30 world-class experts in the fields of geology, mining, process engineering, plant operation, power generation, environment, maintenance, marketing, transportation, industry economics, project engineering and research.

To fulfill international assignments, the firm can call upon consultants on five continents, based in the following countries: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, India, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States.

Consulting and Professional Services to the Aluminium Industry

In the following areas of expertise
bullet Bauxite

Please tour our website to find out who we are, the services Aluminpro provides and the many ways we can help you. Aluminpro offers its services to:
bulletAluminium Companies
bulletEngineering Companies
bulletOther Consulting Companies
bulletFunding Agencies

Company Profile

Aluminpro represents a group of 30 senior professionals who, jointly, have over 750 years' experience in the aluminium industry. Many are world-renowned and the names will speak for themselves. Look under services for a list of our available consultants.

We are available on relatively short notice and are able to travel worldwide to meet your requirements. Whether to cover peak needs or temporary needs from loss of staff, Aluminpro can provide assistance, professional or technical advice and management know-how.

We bring knowledge and experience in all aspects of the upstream aluminium industry. These range from strategic planning and pre-project planning and evaluation to operations; from project and operational audits to advice on technology and operational practices; from short-term or emergency management assignments to training and development programmes tailored to your organization's individual needs.

We are experienced in maintenance, technical development, engineering, logistics, legal, financial, planning and management, and have special expertise in:

bulletbauxite exploration and mining
bulletalumina refining
bulletwaste minimization and storage
bulletenergy conservation 
bulletprocess and project audits
bulletsafety and environmental audits
bullettraining and development

We have a multilingual capability with consultants who have worked in almost every country where  bauxite, alumina or smelting can be found. Languages spoken by some of our professionals include English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, German, Russian, Hindi and Italian.   

Contact Information

We look forward to hearing from you by phone, fax or email.
1-514-812-6541 Brian Gallagher       Business Manager
1-514-934-1875 Bernard Cousineau  Director
1-514-823-5538 Frank McGravie       Director
1-514-846-9534 Ian Porteous           Director
1-613-692-5131 Brian Sawyer          Director
1-208-279-7331 Brian Gallagher       Business Manager
1-514-934-2347 Bernard Cousineau  Director
1-514-846-1417 Ian Porteous           Director
1-613-692-5131 Brian Sawyer          Director
Postal address
106 Elgin Avenue, Pointe Claire, QC, Canada H9R 2K2
Electronic mail
General Information:      info @ Aluminpro.com
Business Proposals: directors @ Aluminpro.com
Client Support:  businessmgr @ aluminpro.com


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